What our clients say about us

David Munn

I highly recommend ReNew Properties for their professionalism, dependability and quality of work.

L. Prephan

Thanks for redoing our chimney cap. I must say that it was wonderful to just have it taken care of without a bunch of fuss or worry. The peace-of-mind to know that our chimney is fixed and my family is safe is priceless. Thanks you.

Dan Gallerno

I tip my hat to you and ReNew Properties. I had struggled with that darn running toilet for weeks. The fact that you fixed it in less than an hour was greatly appreciated, but next time can you at least pretend that it was a hard.

Roman & Meg

Renew Properties did two jobs for us in 2012- installed a new shower and constructed a new door for an outdoor storage shed.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with John and Rick’s work. They are true professional; their work is meticulous and the cost is economical.

Barb & Rich

Can’t thank you enough for helping us with the remodeling project here in Whitehouse. We were really pleased with ReNew Properties and all of their subcontractors. Rick and John were great to work with, and we would highly recommend their company.

Thank you again for helping us and for your wonderful suggestions. Our house looks so pretty! Please visit!

Sondra Gibbons

We hired ReNew Properties to do some kitchen renovations for us. They were very prompt and courteous. We were very please with the job that was done. We would definitely recommend them.

Sue & Scott

Renew Property has given us a sense of security both as a homeowner and as an owner of rental property. When it comes to our relationship with Renew Properties, it’s not about what they have done, but more what haven’t they done in our home. From painting, roofing, windows, storm door, sliding door replacement, changing out toilets, dry wall, fixing our sky light, sump-pump replacement to rebuilding our entire basement, just to name a few.

Renew Properties cheerfully responded to an emergency phone call at 5am in the morning when our basement was flooded. They took charge of all aspects of the cleanup, dealing with the insurance company (making my life so much easier) and rebuilding a new and improved basement. They were instrumental in helping us redesign the basement and we gained a more functional area with improved lighting. We loved how they took our vision and made the space so much better.

Don’t laugh, but they even responded to an early morning telephone call when our trampoline went airborne in a wind storm and damaged my neighbors fence (husband was away, of course). They took down the tramp, stored it in my garage and fixed my neighbors fence. Our heroes!

We moved to West Michigan from Northwest Ohio a few years ago and turned our house into rental property. We continue to work closely with Renew Properties to manage and maintain our property. Our tenants have been instructed to call Renew Properties first. We have relied on them to put in new appliances and make minor repairs. They have saved us from having to make costly trips back to Ohio. This has not only given us an incredible piece of mind, but has made being out-of-state landlords so much easier. When new tenants moved in, Renew properties took care of everything, from clean-up to key exchange, saving us time and money.

We can’t even begin to say enough about Renew Properties. Professional, time efficient, cost effective and most of all knowledgeable. They are a delight to work with. We wish they had made the move to Michigan with us!

Frank G.

ReNew Properties has worked on our home numerous times over the last couple of years and each time I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of their work – all performed at reasonable prices. They’ve helped us with some routine repairs and tackled some tough problems. I continue to create lists of issues I want to have addressed professionally and simply pass it to ReNew Properties and they call to make an appointment then come out and punch out the list. When I want something special, I only need to take a few minutes to explain what I’m looking for and our contact, John Wallace, listens and seeks clarification then proceeds to solve the issue. Our home is in better shape and running more efficiently than in the past – it makes me proud to look around and know we’re keeping up with the issues associated with an aging home – with some expert help from ReNew Properties!